The category of new release models included products that are newly released or upcoming.

Doogee has a large team of designers and engineers to ensure the output of new products, so you can see all the recently released smartphones or rugged phones in this category.

The V Max is the best seller from DOOGEE. It comes with a 22000mAh battery, 20GB RAM as well as 5G compatibility. In addition, the Doogee V30 os also new released. It comes with a battery of 10500mAh.

The S89 Pro comes with a 12000mAh large battery and Android 12 OS. What’s more, the S96 GT is the upgrade version of the best seller S96 pro.

S98 Pro is the first rugged phone that come with both a night vision cam and a thermal imaging sensor.

S98 which is a new arrival model comes with a rear sub-display.

Doogee V Max is the latest 5G model from DOOGEE.

Doogee V10 is the 1st 5G phone from DOOGEE with great value.

Furthermore, you can find out the information about these Doogee models here and pick the one you like. Also, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the brand or the products.

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