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Doogee V Max Review: Specs, Network, Price

doogee v max review

Recently DOOGEE released a long-awaited 5G rugged phone model called Doogee V Max. The phone is said to be the highest-spec phone in the history of Doogee phone. So, here we will make a detailed Doogee V Max review which including the Specs, network and price. Keep reading if you are interested in this topic.

First, let’s take a look at the basic parameters of the V max 5G rugged phone.

Doogee V Max review

Parameters of DOOGEE V Max Rugged Phone

Model NameV Max
ColorBlack/ Gold/ Silver
Dimension178.5mm x 83.1mm x 27.3mm
Protection StandardIP68 / IP69K / MIL-STD-810H
Operation SystemAndroid 12
CPUDimensity 1080
Sim Cardnano SIM+nano SIM or nano sim +TF card
RAM12GB+8GB expandable RAM
Expanded Memoryup to 2TB by T-Flash card
Display6.58” FHD+ IPS Waterdrop screen
Display TypeCorning Gorilla Glass
Resolution2408*1080 FHD+
Front camera32MP
Rear Cameras108MP main camera+20MP night vision as well as 16MP Wide Angle & Macro Camera
Fast Charging Support, 33W
Fingerprint Recognition Yes, side-mount
Charging PortType-c
NavigationBeidou, Galileo, Glonass as well as GPS
SensorsHard coulometer, Rapid Charge, G-sensor, Proximity sensor, Ambient light senor, Compass (magnetic), Geomagnetism as well as Gyroscope

Highlights of Doogee V Max

22000mAh Battery

Doogee V max 5g rugged phone features a whopping battery of 22000mAh. This kind of battery capacity is very rare among models in the mainstream mobile phone markets. Although the battery capacity of mobile phones is getting larger and larger nowadays, there are still very few batteries with a capacity exceeding 20,000 mAh. According to DOOGEE, the 22000mAh battery provides 2300 hours of outdoor experience without any battery anxiety. In addition, the V max rugged smartphone supports reverse charging so you can use it to charge your earphones, smartwatch, digital camera, usb fan or another phone in ermergence case.

What’s more, it’s battery capacity equals to 7 x iPhone 14. That’s incredible! Therefore, the Doogee V Max is right for you if you need a durable smartphone with a massive battery.

doogee v max review

MediaTek Dimensity 1080

The chip set MediaTek Dimensity 1080 is claimed to be the most powerful chip on a rugged phone ever. Doogee V Max comes with Arm Mali-G68 graphics engine and octa-core CPU, which features Arm Cortex-A78 speeds up to 2.6GHz provides exceptional performance in all aspects, like rapid screen and APP response, fast gaming, smooth video-calling as well as continuous live streaming.

Up to 20GB RAM

Doogee V Max has an extra large memory (12GB+256GB) capacity to store everything you want. Furthermore, the RAM can be expanded to 20 GB. Convertidle ROM memory to RAM memory through memory fusion technology to fully enhance the smoothness of your phone. What’s more, the 256GB of internal storage and up to a 2TB microSD card give you plenty of space for everything you store.

Why your need large memory phones?– Opening large applications, software, or files requires a lot of RAM in order to use them efficiently. Memory is important for gaming because it means your phone can access and load data quickly instead of retrieving it from your storage. With low memory, the smartphone won’t be able to run the game properly or might prevent it from running at all.

The more things you try to do on your phone, the more time it takes to perform those tasks. If you tend to have multiple internet tabs open at once or you like to switch between different programs, you may have noticed that your mobile phone starts to take longer to perform multiple tasks or it crashes in the process. Adding more memory will resolve this problem because more memory means that your phone can process all this open information quicker.

120Hz High Refresh Rate

The refresh rate measures the period of time between a phone’s display updates. In other words, how often and quickly the content on the screen refreshes. Measured in Hertz (Hz), the refresh rate counts the number of times the display fully refreshes every second. A 60Hz display refreshes 60 times per second, 90Hz is 90 times per second, 120Hz is 120 times per second, and so on. So a 120Hz display refreshes twice as fast as a 60Hz panel and 4x faster than 30Hz.

Undoutfully, Doogee V Max comes with the highest 120hz refresh rate. 120Hz displays are great because they can playback content at 60Hz, 30Hz, and 24Hz with even frame divisions. Other refresh rates require processing when scaling 24Hz video. Poor quality processing can induce judder into your videos, which obviously isn’t good.

Hi-Res Stereo Sound

To craft the best rugged phone audio speakers, the V Max delivers a truly balanced stereo design. This doubles the volume and greatly increases the dynamic range. This industry-leading hardware is combined with fine-tuned exclusive stereo sound effects for different scenarios, so it offers you a more immersive audio experience.

Network of Doogee V Max

As you know Doogee V Max is a 5G rugged phone and it’s unlocked so it compatible with most network carriers around the world. Below is the frequency bands of V Max 5G rugged phone. You can also check more network carrier information in the product page of Doogee V Max.

doogee v max review

5G Frequency BandsN1/3/7/28/38/41/77/78/79
4G Frequency BandsFDD: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/18/19/20/25/26/28A/28B/66
TDD: 34/38/39/40/41
3G Frequency BandsWCDMA: B1/2/4/5/6/8/19
2G Frequency BandsGSM: B2/3/5/8

Price of V Max Unlocked Tough Phone

In the last part of the Doogee V max review, we will take a look at the price of V Max rugged mobie phone. It’s now on sale on with free shipping and free gifts. You can check on below link for more detailed information of V Max. Don’t miss out the limited time coupon code on it!

Finally, the V Max is expected to come in three different colorways. They are Classic Black, Moonshine Silver, and Sunshine Gold. Each of them seems to have a touch of blue on the camera module, which blends pretty well with the phone’s color. And they will stand out from the other smartphones in the market.

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