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Doogee S98 Pro Review: First Rugged Phone Features Both Thermal Imaging Cam & Night Vision Cam

DOOGEE just released the upgraded version of S98 rugged phone name: Doogee S98 pro. This is a phone meant to be in the wild. It has a alien-like appearance(Doogee S98 Pro’s most interesting design aspect is the rear camera module, which is designed after an alien’s head) and has a adventurous heart with nifty and niche features under its belt.

As the first rugged phone features both a thermal imaging camera and a night vision camera, S98 pro won the European Good Design Award(EGDA), that’s not common on rugged phones. So here we will make the most detailed review of Doogee S98 pro.

Now keep reading to find more details of S98 pro rugged smartphone like the specs of S98 pro. Also, You can find the best price on Doogee s98 pro.

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Parameters of Doogee S98 Pro

Color: Black
Weight: about 400 grams
Dimension: 172mmx82mmx15.5mm
Protection Standard: IP68 / IP69K / MIL-STD-810G

OS: Android 12
CPU: Helio G96
SIM Card: nano SIM+nano SIM+TF card, 3 out of 3 card slots
ROM: 256GB
Expanded memory: up to 512GB

Display: 6.3″ LCD
Resolution: 1080*2340 FHD+
Front camera: 16.0MP
Rear cameras: 48.0MP main camera+20MP night vision+next-gen thermal imaging cam

Wireless charging: Support 15W
Fast Charging: Support, 33W
Fingerprint recognition: Yes, support
Features: OTG, FM, NFC, Google play
Headphone Jack: Type-c
Charging port: Type-c
FOTA upgrade OTA: Support

Navigation: Beidou, Galileo, Glonass as well as GPS
Sensors: G-sensor, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Compass (magnetic), Geomagnetism and Gyroscope
Software Toolbox: Compass, SoundMeter, Pic Hanging, Gradienter, Height Measure, Magnifier, Protractor as well as Plumb Bob

You can find the regular specifications of S98 pro on above information. Now just have a look at other aspects.

1. Rugged Level

This is the basis factor as a ” rugged” phone. Being a rugged phone, this is practically earth proof. It has IP68 | IP69k and MIL-STD-810H protection. This device can survive drops from 5 feet height without any problem. It can go up to 5ft under water for 30mins and it has protection against particle sizes up to PM2.5. This already is more than what we usually ask for, it seems like this device already has its protective case built into its body!

2. Hardware

As for the hardware, this smartphone features a 6.3” Full HD+ LCD display with Corning Gorilla Glass protection and powered by the MediaTek Helio G96 chipset. What’s more, the memory variants you have a single 8GB RAM and 256GB storage option expandable up to 512GB using a microSD card.

3. Android 12 OS

android 12 doogee s98 pro

Doogee S98 pro comes with Android 12 out of the box. As you know Android 12 is the latest OS version and it offers much more features. Android 12 brings about a major visual revamp courtesy, revamped new widgets, and enhanced privacy protections.You should know these new functions: wallpaper-based dynamic theming, game dashboard, one-handed mode, quick Tap, direct share in the recents overview menu, privacy dashboard, dim the screen, conversation widget as well as scrolling screenshots.

4. 6000mAh Battery

The rugged phone is fueled by a massive 6000mAh battery and support 33W fast charging and 15W wireless charging. The 6000mAh battery ensures longer average usage of your phone per day. And thanks to the wireless charging, you can just drop and go. It’s that simple. Forget about fumbling with cords and adaptors when you need some power—wireless chargers are as intuitive to use as they are easy to set up.

5. MediaTek Helio G96 Processor

The MediaTek Helio G96 chipset of S98 Pro is a very capable processor with 8 cores (2x Arm Cortex A76 & 6x Arm Cortex A55). Built on a powerful CPU architecture and hyper engine 2.0 lite gaming technology, the DOOGEE S98 Pro offers powerful performance in multitasking, gaming, and demanding applications.

6. Camera Specs

Other than being a rugged phone, S98 pro also have highlights on camera configurations. As we mentioned in the first of this article, S98 pro is the first rugged phone equipped both a night vision camera and a thermal imaging camera.

You may not have any clue about how useful can the thermal imaging camera and night vision camera be. So keep reading if you are interested!

6.1 Thermal Imaging cam

A thermal imaging camera (also known as an infrared camera) detects and measures the infrared energy of objects. The camera converts that infrared data into an electronic image that shows the apparent surface temperature of the object being measured.

doogee s98 pro thermal imaging camera
after the thermal imaging camera
Functions of Thermal Imaging Camera Part 1

You can use the infrared thermal camera for Electrical maintenance. The uses for thermal imaging are extensive. For example, power line technicians use thermal imaging to locate and pinpoint joints and parts that are at risk of overheating as they’re already emitting more heat than the stronger sections. They can also help spot loose connections or devices that are starting to fail.

Moreover, Plumbers can use thermal imaging camera to inspect sites of possible leaks, mainly through walls and pipes. Since the devices can be used at a distance, they’re ideal for finding potential problems in equipment that is either hard to reach or might otherwise pose safety issues to workers.

In Addition, Mechanical and building construction technicians who work with thermal insulation use imaging to quickly identify leaks, which is important to maintain efficient temperature regulation in a building. At a glance, they can analyse a building’s structure and spot faults. Heat loss from walls, HVAC equipment, doors and windows are common thermal performance issues that are easily picked up by a thermal imaging camera.

Functions of Thermal Imaging Camera Part 2

Next, Animal and Pest management. It is a field which has a surprising number of uses for thermal imagers. They can help spot pests or animals in dark roof areas without having to climb up into them, and they can detect potential termite activity. Also, they’re commonly used to more easily conduct wildlife surveys in a totally non-invasive, non-intrusive manner.

Transport navigation gets significant benefits from thermal imaging, particularly when travelling at night. For example, maritime navigation uses it for clearly seeing other vessels, people and obstructions during the night while out at sea. In recent years, cars have begun incorporating infrared cameras to alert drivers of people or animals beyond streetlights or the reach of their headlights.

More importantly, it can be used for Fire-fighters. They use thermal imaging to help them see through smoke, particularly in rescue missions when they’re searching for people in an otherwise obscured and dangerous environment. They also use thermal cameras for rapid identification of spot fires, so they can intervene before they spread.

Last but not least, for Healthcare and medicine. It also has practical uses, such as to spot fevers and temperature anomalies. This has proven to be especially important in airports where these thermal imaging cameras can quickly and accurately scan all incoming or outgoing passengers for higher temperatures, which was crucial during recent outbreaks of diseases like SARS and Ebola. Additionally, thermal imagers have been proven to help diagnose a range of disorders associated with the neck, back and limbs, as well as circulatory problems.

Conclusion of the Thermal Imaging Camera

However, S98 pro doesn’t actually use a lens but has a sensor to sense the temperature and it is excellent at it. The thermal image sensor is a professional-grade InfiRay® with a resolution of 256 x 192 pixels, which increases the number of thermal pixels by 2.5 times that other normal sensors can detect. Combined with a higher frame rate of 25Hz.

This sensor can detect -15℃ to 550 ℃ of temperatire with an accuracy of ±2 ℃. Therefore, it delivers smoother images to help accurately detect draught, dampness, leaks, electric short, blockages, or elevated temperatures.

6.2 Night Vision Camera

after the night vision camera

Another wonderful feature of Doogee S98 Pro rugged smartphone is its 20MP infrared night vision capability of the rear camera setup that allows users take a picture at any time of the night and not be worried about clarity.

The night-vision cameras can take the little light coming from the moon or street lights and amplify it. A regular camera can do something similar. Go into a dark room in your house (or go outside at night) and take a long-exposure picture using a camera (if it’s capable of taking long-exposure shots).

Understanding a Night Vision Camera

Low-light security cameras use image intensifiers which make the most of a faint light source. Because they are attuned to work with limited light sources, the pictures they produce in these settings are excellent. Some low-light cameras can even identify persons. Of the different methods employed, this seems to be the most affordable and is commonly used among homeowners.


Home security cameras utilize infrared illumination and motion detection for effective night surveillance. When the security camera detects motion, the infrared illumination lights up and captures images. Because the infrared is only triggered by motion, this saves power. LED lights enhance performance to produce excellent black and white videos and images. Infrared security cameras are often used for outdoor home surveillance.

Specs of Other Cameras from Doogee S98 Pro

Besides the 20MP night vision camera and the thermal imaging sensor, S98 pro has a 48MP main camera as well as a 16MP front camera.

For other detailed information of s98 pro doogee, you can check on below link:

7.Wrap up

Doogee S98 pro is my most anticipated mobile phone so far, with high-end configuration, strong practicability, and a relatively affordable price.

BTW, it’s now go on sale on, so make sure you don’t miss the exclusive discount on the new release Doogee S98 Pro!

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