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Doogee S90 Pro Rugged Smartphone Review: Modules, Specs, Frequency Bands, Price

Doogee S90 pro rugged smartphone

Doogee S90 pro rugged smartphone with 3 modules also named for Doogee S90 Pro super. Here we will make a quick and brief review of S90 Pro modular phone.

Product Specifications of Doogee S90 pro

  • Brand: Doogee
  • Model name: S90 pro mobile phone
  • Processor: MT6771T(Helio P70)
  • OS: Android 9.0
  • Memory:6GB + 128GB
  • SIM Card:Dual SIM Cards Standby/Nano-SIM + Nano-SIM/ Nano-SIM+ TF Card
  • Battery: 5050mAh 12V/2A Front Camera:8MP
  • Storage Extend:up to 256GB
  • Rear Camera: 16.0MP+8.0MP
  • Screen Size: 6.18″ U-notch
  • Display: 1080*2246 FHD+
Doogee S90 pro rugged smartphone

Durability of S90 Pro

DOOGEE S90 Pro is a rugged device, and it is IP68/IP69K/MIL-STD-810G certified. Not only is the phone water and dust resistant, but it can also take a hit if you accidentally drop it. The device is made out of rubber and titanium alloy chassis, not to mention that it is also shockproof. What’s more, it can be submerged for up to 3 meters for 30 minutes, and be dropped from up to 1.5m.

3 Useful Modules

The DOOGEE S90 Pro rugged smartphone is compatible with a 5,000mAh Powerbank module, Walkie-Talkie module as well as an Ultra-Wide Night Vision camera module.

The modules attach to the back of the device via magnets that grab on 16-metal points placed on the rear bottom part of the phone cover. The magnetic force holds the selected module in place and at the same time, the metal points act as data transmission points to and from the modules. Using magnets, snapping the modules on is a matter of 1-2 seconds as there’s no need to open the back cover or the bottom of the device.

As shown above, it is notably easy to switch between the phone and the digital walkie-talkie anytime-anywhere and really quickly. The walkie-talkie module has digital and real-time intercom network with a range of 5-10km distance. That makes it a very reliable two-way radio for team coordination in construction sites, event-coordination companies and production plants involving multiple people.

When it comes to no-network areas, users can turn the S90 pro into intercom mode at once and enjoy uninterrupted communication. Really useful for outdoor explorers on remote sites, miners below network signals and mountain climbers on high altitudes with no cellular reception.

Battery Info

DOOGEE S90 Pro comes with a 5,080mAh battery, while the device itself is 14.1mm thick. 10W wireless charging is also a part of the package this time around, while the phone features a 6.18-inch fullHD+ display. That display is protected by the fourth-gen Gorilla Glass.

With the 5000mAh battery module, you can own one 10080mAh S90 pro. Therefore, It is a massive battery rugged smartphone among all Doogee phones.

Camera Set

16 and 8-megapixel cameras are included on the back of this phone. While a single 16-megapixel unit can be found on the phone’s front side. The device includes 6GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable storage. While it comes with an NFC chip as well, not to mention that it supports Google Pay.

10W Wireless Charging + 24W Flash Charging

With the support of 10W wireless charging, the S90 Pro has faster power recovery. In other words, the big battery and rapid charging speed are mutually reinforcing to speed up the pace of the boring recharging period.

Doogee S90 pro rugged smartphone

Other Features of S90 Pro

A regular, capacitive fingerprint scanner sits on the back of the device, and can unlock this phone in 0.3 seconds. Now, considering that this phone is the same as the DOOGEE S90 on the outside, it can take advantage of all the modules that have been announced with its predecessor.

Where to Buy Doogee S90 Pro Rugged Smartphone?

You can buy S90 pro modular phone on with limited-time deals.

Wrap Up

That’s all the information about the quick review of Doogee S90 pro rugged smartphone. Also, please feel free to leave your comments below if you have any thoughts or advice.

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