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Doogee S96 Pro Smartphone Review, Price, Network, Design

Doogee S96 pro smartphone review

Doogee S96 pro smartphone is one of the new release rugged phones in 2020. It is well received among young users because it has a night vision camera.

Here today, we will make a review about Doogee S96 pro smartphone. Keep reading to find out.

Durability of S96 Pro

S96 pro can handle various procedures and tasks normally after 13 hours of low-temperature freezing.

Moreover, its sturdy airframe guarantees safety from the rolling of heavy vehicles. After several rounds of rolling, the screen and body are still intact.

Furthermore, the water-resistance of Doogee S96 Pro is also very superior. After several rounds of water gun flushing, the phone is still in good condition. And you can also go swimming with this phone.

The S96 Pro is a truly rugged phone. Its tough credentials include MIL-SPEC 810G and |P68 & 1P69K water and dust resistant certified. Moreover, the scratch-resistant screen with Corning Gorilla Glass and drop proof tested onto concrete from up to 1.8 meters.

Doogee S96 pro smartphone review

Besides, It is tough enough to withstand dust, dirt, as well as sudden drop. It is also resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to 30 minutes. It is protected by a 50% metal back cover.

Built by soft TPU and aluminum alloy reinforced polycarbonate material, DOOGEE S96 Pro totally can protect itself from the violent crash, rolling as well as torsion.

Besides, the four reinforced corners and the heightened frames around the screen prevent dropping challenging environments. Either on construction sites, farms, or extreme outdoor environments. S96 PRO has all-round protection providing unrivaled 360-degree durability and ruggedness.

Night Vision Camera

One of the wonderful feature of the Doogee S96 Pro rugged smartphone is its infrared night vision capability of the rear camera setup that allows users take a picture at any time of the night and not be worried about clarity.

As part of a rear quad camera array, the S96 Pro has a 20 MP night vision camera using a Sony IMX350 sensor chip with an 80° field of view. The IMX350 is an ultra-low-light sensor but for those really dark nights, the camera is supported by four infrared night vision lights and four LED lights providing both invisible and visible light.

For the rest of the quad array, the S96 Pro sports a main 48 MP sensor, an 8 MP wide-angle sensor with 130° field of view and 2 MP macro camera brings the target closer by up to 4cm.

Doogee S96 pro smartphone review

Display Information of S96 Pro

DOOGEE S96 Pro equips a sharp and vivid 6.22″ waterdrop screen. It will stretch your horizons, and immerse in your favorite videos and games like never before.

Along with the high resolution of 720*1520 and wide color gamut, it will offer you outstanding optical performance. Everything you see on the phone screen will be as clear as it can be.

Battery Spec of S96 Pro Smartphone

Unceasing power source for a thrilling gaming experience and non-stop entertainment. Enduring power is always the symbol of the Pro series. The 6350mAh Large battery with smarter Al power management fuels your daily work and entertainment needs. The battery can last up to two days after full charges.

The 12V/2A Charger system makes DOOGEE S96 Pro smartphone your powerful mate to trust. Within an hour, you can refuel the battery up to 50%.
Thanks to the state-of-the-art wireless charging technology, now you can get rid of tangling cables.

Just place it properly on the charging pad and it will charge automatically if you want to charge your device. Additionally, the 10W wireless charging can greatly shorten the charging time, save you from meaningless waiting.

Doogee S96 pro smartphone review

Wrap Up

Doogee S96 Pro smartphone equips a night vision camera that is helpful in daily life. What’s more. it has an affordable price that won’t cost you much or break your bank. What’s more, it is an indestructible cell phone with decent specifications. It is also a great choice for those who are on outdoor works and outdoors explore.

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